Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The a la Menthe

How much do I love I've been trying to find the song that's playing in Ocean's Twelve while Vincent Cassel is doing his whole capoieria thing for ages. Bought the soundtrack, not on it. Very disapointing. I did a little internet research and found that the song is by a band called La Capture and that the song itself is "The a la Menthe". Needless to say, here in the states, it's no where to be found. doesn't have a copy in stock, you can't listen to it, nothing. But, if you go to, it's there. Not only is it there but you can listen to selections. I navigated my way through Amazon's french site and supposedly I got the last copy in stock. It's being express shipped. Yes, I had to pay as much in shipping as I did for the CD (that being said Amazon in France is just as cheap as it is here, so neither shipping nor the CD was that expensive!)

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