Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More Fall Line-Up... and other happenings..

410e9th doesn't like Heroes. What, I think it's not bad. Anything's a step up from Reality television and the story seems to be moving faster than Lost.

Thoughts on "Help Me, Help You"? It seemed a bit boring, but I'm willing to give it at least one more chance. What about "Ugly Betty"? Haven't seen that yet, TiVo acted up last week...

And, tonight is the big Project Runway reunion special. This season has been interesting-- for the most part they had a lot of talented people and while Jeffrey is trying to be the class bully he's just not nearly as entertaining as Santino. Word around the watercooler is Michael is a shoe-in to win. So far, funniest scene this season was when Michael Kors imitated Uli and Heidi gave him a very dirty look. Don't mess with the accent.

Random question-- have you ever been to a Greek wedding? You should ask me about it sometime. There was a lot of Greek music, but disappointingly, no dolmathes.

Hmpf. in other news, as we all know, the Cafe at Saks is the happiest place on earth (even if the service may leave a bit to be desired)... yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Thisbe, Ellie and Cecelia for a ladies lunch. What a better way to break up the afternoon than with good company and a half sandwich and a cup of corn and crab chowder!

Otherwise not much is happening. This weekend is the big birthday weekend, we've got lunch at Le Cirque and we're going to see The Departed. Why is it that I'm most excited that Marky Mark is in this? (Because, as 410 would say, I'm losing my edge).

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