Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween! Unfortunately, I don't have an exciting costume. I'm just dressed as a boring lawyer today-- what else is new.

I've already, though, heard some interesting things today.

My co-worker in the next office was talking about how the King of Spain (being a former, 19th century King of Spain) was in the chain of title for the 57,000 acres of land in New Mexico which is part of a deal she is working on. It's never a good thing when oil and gas leases and references to European monarchs are all shown in a title report. She also keeps arguing with various people about how a trip to New Mexico isn't warranted. I just want to make sure that somehow I don't get stuck being sent to New Mexico. As that troublesome t-shirt from Urban Outfitters used to say, New Mexico. Cleaner than Old Mexico. (or something to that effect).

Rumor has it Julia Roberts may be pregnant again. This is good news for everyone who is currently pregnant because the only other famous people pregnant right now are Sofia Coppola (Sofia is not bad, but she doesn't count because she's already like 7 months along) and Tori Spelling. Tori Spelling. Unacceptable.

Thoughts on last night's episode of Heroes? I was generally saddened-- there was too much Niki, not enough Hiro and Ando.

Thoughts on the Bachelor? I haven't seen it yet, but since Tuesday is generally a bad night on TV, I expect I'll be making the husband watch last night's episode when we get home.

Thoughts on Reese and Ryan? I always thought she was too good for him. Sorry, Ryan.

In other fronts, we went to the Zoo on Sunday. It was pretty lame. Great company, lame zoo. I'll post pictures soon!

Love and Kisses,
Wonder Warthog


Anastasia said...

Augh! There's no pic of Wonder WartHog on the Wikipedia page. I was sooo excited to see what he looked like! Tease!

Weef! said...

I'll try to find a picture of WW!!