Thursday, October 26, 2006

It was a long night...

I've been very tired lately. It happens. Unfortunately, right now the husband has a cold. What this means for me is snoring. The husband only snores when he is either a) excessively tired or b) has a cold of some sort. Let's not forget that whenever the cat manages to wedge herself between us while we sleep, she snores too.

Last night at about 4:30am I am awoken by the ever increasingly loud snoring. To be fair, now that the frogs in our yard are out of season its very quiet at night, which only makes the snoring seem louder than it really is. I'm awake. Fully. So awake I should probably be taking up Sudoku out of boredom. After a few minutes the husband rolls over from his side to his back and the snoring abates. I start to fall asleep (the cat meanwhile has moved from wheezing to grooming, so now I'm just hearing the sound of her sandpaper tongue...)

Right before I'm about to drift off the husband rolls back on to his side and the snore symphony begins again. I bolt awake. I try to wait it out, but I'm sitting there thinking, I'm never getting back to sleep. ever. Do I wake him and ask him to move? Finally, I do. (After a few attempts of patting, as a minor pat tends to sooth the snore beast as well, but that only works to limited effect). Husband sits up, and then falls back asleep. Flat on his back. This works for a good fifteen minutes. Once again, I'm almost asleep. Then the snoring starts even with him lying flat. I swore I heard a frog croak in the distance, as if to mock me.


Anonymous said...

4:30. SNORE! Yeah, that's right, it's the weef, who wakes hereself up, and blames me and the cat. The cat and I look at each other, shrug, roll over and go back to sleep.

Anonymous said...

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I saw a review of it on ABC's The View in July and bought it for my husband. The first night I was able to stay in the same room without getting a headache. After about 2 weeks, I woke up wondering if he was dead or something... but no. It worked. Check it out, I bought mine from the manufacturer,