Monday, July 09, 2007

Brain Cloud...

On June 21st I bought two tickets to see Chris Isaak at the Beacon Theater (you may recall an earlier post where I noted that he was playing the Potowatomi Bingo Casino in Milwaukee but not visiting the tri-state, well, since then new tour dates have been added and my choices were the Beacon or the Borgata.) The show is in August and at this point it's still not clear how we'll be seeing the show given that it may be a little loud for Miss S., but that will be figured out at a later date.

Regardless, I bought the tickets. After having lost (a) prior Chris Isaak tickets (which were later found, mysteriously, on the toile ottoman) and (b) our Chorus Line tickets (which were never found...) I opted to have the tickets emailed to me.

Did I open the email? Did I move the email to my "saved messages" folder on AOL? Of course not! Do I think about any of these things? Not until I'm watching the fifth replay of the "Concert for Diana" on VH1 at 1:15am this evening. As I'm sitting in our overpriced, undercomfortable Pottery Barn Kids Glider rocking Miss S. to sleep while watching Duran Duran belt out Rio I think to myself-- "those tickets never came in the mail, wait, sratch that, I had them emailed.... e-mailed...wait, did I delete the email? Did I even get an email?" Thus causing me to have to head down to the kitchen, fire up the computer and frantically search for my ticket email.

Luckily, for some reason AOL is now allowing you to keep four months worth of email in your in-box. I found the message-- from June 21st, still unopened (thank goodness I hadn't deleted it figuring it for junk mail...) it is now safely tucked into my "saved messages" folder-- one of these days I'll print out the tickets (but even then, I'll have to do what I did with our Westminster Kennel Club tickets-- print out multiple copies and store them in various locations in case I lose any of them, and then still print out new ones the day of). Geesh.

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