Saturday, July 21, 2007

things change...

I haven't been in the city since May 22nd, and some things have changed and others have stayed the same... for starters Saks is now open till 8pm Monday through Friday (no longer is Thursday the late shopping day)... That's where my day began, after taking (eeek!) the train into the city.
Its the "second cut" sale and I hit up the children's department looking for bargains. It being Saks, compared to the sales on baby clothes at old navy and the Gap, "bargain" is a relative term... But still I managed to snag a few cute items. Then it was on to Frederic Fekkai. All I can say is if you're ever visiting FF at Bendel's be sure to ask for Lawrence to do your shampooing! I got a scalp and neck massage thrown in-- it was the first time a shampoo person truly earned their tip! Heads up people-- scalp massage (rather than trying to hawk hair products-- is the way to go!!)

Then I saw Julian. His rate has gone up but he had to dry my hair himself (he usually has an assistant). He also asked me about how my mother-in-law was doing-- nice sentiment, but I've never mentioned my mother-in-lsw to him. I think he had me confused with someone else. I guess he got too much sun in St. Barth's... I miss Ronald! We used to have such fun discussing the latest line-up on BBC America. Anyhoo, haircut is good, regardless. And, as a further update,the hairdresser who is an ebay fanatic is still trying hard to fit in-- now he has big gold plastic frame glasses and platinum blonde hair (but given the action figure collection, I still think he's straight).

Then it was on to lunch with 410e9th (Dave and Em were off to LI for a bar-be-que).Houston's service has gone down hill, but they claim that even though the "flying chicken fingers" aren't on the menu, they'll always have them. It is key lime pie season, but as we are stil trying to lose baby weight, I decided against it.
Then on to Barnes and Noble-- the old stomping grounds at 54th and 3rd. Picked up Harry Potter and an Olivia book for Miss S. I admit it, I've already read the epilogue. What can I say, I also read movie spoilers before I see movies-- it takes away any anxiety about the outcome.

Back on the train now and the woman next to me asked me how Harry ends so she can taunt her husband who's just started reading it, and I'm only in Elizabeth.

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