Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fill'er Up...

Today I needed to get gas in the wagon. It was one of those rare occasions where the "get gas now" light actually came on. There used to be a Mobil station at our corner but unfortunately it was sold to Valero and the Husband doesn't like us to get gas at either Valero or Lukoil. My only other local options are Exxon (which has really slow pumps) or Sunoco. I hit up the Sunoco on Harrison Street (alas, had I been able to fill up at the Valero we would have averted the "get gas now" light, but whatever...) I give the attendant my credit card and ask that he fill it up with 93. Moments later he hands me back my card and my receipt. I think to myself, wow, that was fast. I look at the receipt... approximately $35.00 and 10.5 gallons. I have a 16.6 gallon tank. I turn the car on-- the gauge reads 3/4 full. Let me ask you, exactly how hard is it to actually fill a car with gasoline???

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