Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Two Month Shots

It had to happen sometime... Miss Sophie went in today for her first round of immunizations. Beforehand we set her up with some baby tylenol, which is essentially cherry flavored goo that you administer with an eyedropper. It was officially Sophie's first taste of flavor (besides formula) and while she didn't spit it out, she didn't seem too enthused by it either. Then she went in for among other things the infamous "diptet" shot (which is now diptheria, tetnus and pertussis), polio, rotavirus and a whole host of other things. She was not happy about the whole process but quickly regained her baby composure. I think the Husband and I did pretty good through the event, though I do think it was a cheap shot when the Husband remarked that Sophie has my tolerance for pain. First, I think the screaming was more that Sophie was upset that we had gotten her all dressed up and instead of going to some place fun like Sesame Place or even better yet, Saks Fifth Avenue, she found herself getting jabbed by a physician's assistant in East Windsor, NJ. And, about my pain threshold... Epidural or no epidural the baby was almost eight pounds at birth.

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