Friday, June 13, 2008


We're on our way out the door to go to Gymboree this afternoon and I'm carrying all twenty odd pounds of Sophie (who's got a bottle herself), my overfilled purse is on my shoulder, I've got a burp cloth, lip gloss, a hairbrush and a mini bottle of Poland spring in my right hand. This is all a long way of saying I've got my hands full, as usual. I walk over to the Wagon and I happen to spot an evil looking spider on the roof-rack/side-rail thingie. Now I know-- the spider is black, the rail is black, the garage is dark-- how the heck did I see this thing? I have no idea, I just have this wacky hightened spidey sense. So, what's a mom with her handsfull to do? Bend her right leg and step out of her three inch platform sandals-- grab said sandal with "free" left hand, whack spider with shoe, and proceed to go about her day.

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