Saturday, June 21, 2008

A New Hope...

MSNBC published a list of 10 Weekend Getaways for the summer. Included in this list are exotic destinations like Rekyavik and the Azores. Also included? New Hope, Pennsylvania. Okay, so they have suggested the entire Bucks County region, but they do specifically mention New Hope. We went to New Hope last weekend. Mind you, it is a cute town, there is at least one decent antique shop and there are a couple of restaurants that look promising, but really, the place is on par with Helen, Georgia (and I say this and I'm about a thirty minute drive from the place, let alone 1.5 hours from New York or 2.5 from Baltimore, etc., etc.) There are one too many shops selling tie-dye and patchouli and there are also a few too many biker types for this to be a top weekend destination. As an FYI, Lambertville, NJ across the Delaware River looks a bit nicer... but I still wouldn't suggest to anybody that its a place you'd want to actually fly to get to!

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