Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Oscars

That was tonight's final Jeopardy! category. The clue was (paraphrasing) "This person has earned 1 nomination in acting, 6 in directing and 14 as a writer."

All three contestants missed it (one said Orson Welles (!?!), two John Huston). Alex says: "The answer: "Woody Allen, oooo don't you hate yourself for missing that one? the viewers at home missed it too, no one ever gets this one..."

No Alex, you're wrong, me and most of the other Jeopardy! viewers in the New York area *knew* it was Woody Allen! How could you *not* know that???

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Amy said...

I agree, it came to me right away- easy. Maybe majoring in Communications- radio, TV, and film helped.