Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Making my Mark on Rockefeller Center

So, I'm pregnant. Rumor has it pregnant women have morning sickness. This is a myth. I'm certain a myth possibly created by a man, because "morning" sickness doesn't do it justice. It really should be known as something along the line of: "Any Time of The Day or Night If You're Awake, Or Even If You're Asleep, You're Going To Get The Shit Kicked Out of You Sickness"

It was 12pm and I was very, very hungry. The Pria Bar from this morning was just not doing the job and I needed to *eat*. For me, the "morning" sickness beast can be somewhat calmed by eating. Of course, this has to be done carefully, since one morning I ate a graham cracker stick and the old body decided we're never eating those again. Yet things like egg mcmuffins, they do just fine.

So the husband and I head down into the concourse to find lunch. After deciding against the selections at Hale and Hearty we make our way up the escalator to the main floor in 30 Rock to head out to Citarella. Unfortunately, we get to the top of the escalator and there is some sort of noxious fume. Husband claims it was a significant quantity of cigarette smoke, to me it was like mustard gas. Two inhales of this and I'm doubled over. All I can managed to make out to say is, "I have to get away from that smell!"

Next thing I know, I'm up against one of the walls of the lobby, eyes watering, coughing, doubled over. The poor husband keeps saying to me, "let's move over to one of the buckets"-- there are potted plants scattered about the lobby area, and I've suddenly turned into Linda Blair. My mind thinking "I'M NOT MOVING OVER TO ANYTHING, THROWING UP HERE IS JUST FINE!!!!!!!" At the end of the day all that really happens to me (besides the racking of my body by coughs and other unpleasantries) is that my head begins producing an entirely too great amount of saliva, tears and for lack of a better descriptive term, clear snot, etc., etc. Essentially, my entire head tries to produce my body weight in fluid, mostly coming out of my nose and eyes. In a few minutes, I'm fine and I can make my way to Citarella to pick up food... but I think the most important thing to take away from episodes like this is at some point in your life that sense of decorum which is usually very important to maintain can be thrown by the wayside.

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