Monday, December 04, 2006

Thoughts for the Day...

Puff Plus with lotion. I love those damn things. After two days of bloody nose and a weekend of lots of nose blowing thanks to a miserable head cold, nothing was quite as refreshing as Puffs Plus. Kleenex had truly become like sand paper.

Sadly, For Your Consideration was pretty lame. Dave was a good sport and let us all go and see it during our Chrismukkah celebration, but the general consensus was that the only good line in the movie was-- "Next shot, a close up on the kugel."

Of course, 410e9th tried to cause trouble by claiming that I was talking about how bad the reviews were before the movie, when really, to be fair, so was he! :) But we gave it a go anyway.

A few more random, Larry King-like observations...

Domino's new Brooklyn style pizza is pretty darn good-- shout out to the Folks. They suggested we try it. What can I say, yesterday I was totally out of commission with a migrane and the head cold remnants. All grand plans to make Green Curry Chicken went out the window.

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