Friday, December 29, 2006


Usually I'm a get up and go kind of person. Take today for instance. It's the last business day of the year, I really don't have any pressing work to do. The Husband has to stick around for a conference call-- the bulk of the office has already left to enjoy their New Year's weekend. Typically I would have been out of here hours ago on a shopping excurison or otherwise. Not now. I thought about those things. I checked out my MTA map to see if there was any way possible of getting to (gasp!) Liz Lange via subway (not quite). I could have taken the BVFD (or whichever one of those actually goes to 59th street) to 59th street and then changed to a 6 train to 77th street but then I would have still had to walk from 77th and Third to Madison. It's not even that cold out! Nope, crossed off the list. Albee Baby Carriage? 95th and Amsterdam. Well-- I could take the 1 up to 96th and Broadway-- I would be but two small blocks away (mind you, normally I'd say take a cab, but today there are no cabs...) nope. again. no stamina. I just can't do it. I'm torn between pure inertia and the desire to shop, who knew pregnancy could do this, of all things???

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