Thursday, December 14, 2006


Okay, I have to share. I bought the Husband a sweater at Saks for his birthday. When I was there a few days ago to purchase said sweater I saw that they had really nice Zegna overcoats. The Husband has been wanting a nice Zegna overcoat and with the fifth anniversary coming up I suggested to him that maybe this would make a good gift. When the Husband opened the sweater on his birthday we realized that much to our dismay the salesman had left the security tag on.

Today I decided to bring in the sweater to get the tag taken off and also take back a Marc Jacobs sweater that sadly did not fit (I can't tell if it was designed for someone with shoulders like Tiki Barber or perhaps no shoulders... either way, it didn't fit me).

I vaguely recall having seen a message in my inbox this morning from Saks which said something to the effect of "give some, get some" implying it was one of their "If you spend $X you'll get a gift card for $Y..." I deleted it without paying much attention.

At lunch time I get ready to head off to Saks and luckily the Husband was able to join me (which was especially good because I am wearing ridiculously high heels today and me walking from my office to Saks required a major feet of engineering...)

We go up to the men's department to get the security tag off of the birthday sweater and lo and behold! Coats are on sale! More importantly the Zegna coats are 30% off! A lovely gentleman helps us locate the right size (54R-- Italian sizing) and we're all set! Next thing, we're offered to have the coat shipped to the house which means-- no tax! Then, David our salesman confirms that yes, we are quite eligible for a gift card.

After our purchase we head to the gift card redemption center and are told that not only do we get a gift card but we also got this neat book on New York... and (in typical retail fashion...) if we only spend just a little bit more we'll be at the next threshold and we'll get more than double our gift card money. Well, who can refuse that? So, I then proceed to participate in the gift card triathalon which includes the beauty floor gauntlet, Diane von Furstenberg relay and Missoni rack pull.

At the end of the day I managed to snag a new rain hat and get the gift card, Husband got a fabulous coat and we got a gift book thrown in. It was a total fit of retail hysteria, but it explains why as Thisbe knows, Saks is our happy place.

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Thisbe said...

Thisbe is sooooo jealous ;)
I miss our happy place.