Monday, December 11, 2006

More Random Occurrences

Saw Andrew Shue from Melrose Place at our local tree farm. He's cute in person, though shorter than expected. It was one of those things where the husband and I and Andrew and his son were the only people shopping for trees, I noticed that he looked familiar and then at one point I was looking at him and he stared right at me as if to say, "would you leave me alone, I'm shopping for a tree!" (Much like the time that my mother was mesmerized by the Enigma in New Orleans...) after that I frantically waved over the husband and said, "I think that's Andrew Shue". The husband was not particularly impressed (not nearly as much as the time we saw Heather Graham massage her own butt, but that's a whole other story entirely).

And, on another note. Was watcing 60 Minutes again and again Andy Rooney was being a complete jackass. He did a whole little schtick about how people send him things and that he intends to put all of the stuff people have sent him over the years in a box, tie a ribbon around it and throw it away. What a ray of sunshine that man is, no?

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