Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Miss B. loves Crocs. Ever since 5280 Mommy sent her a pair for her first birthday she's been in crazy love with them. Every time we go to Wegman's we have to dodge the Crocs display in the atrium and all throughout Italy, every time she would see a display of Crocs (including the ones in Positano which were 45 Euro a pair (!)) she would shout "Cwo-cks! Cwo-cks!"

I'm not really a fan, myself, and I didn't want to be one of those Moms who wears the crocs and look like Mario Batali. Then I was at WF one day and Bam! they had a bucket full of half price Crocs, including croc flip-flops in a fun orange and hot pink combination.

Well, I tried them on right there in the refrigerated foods section and thought for $12.99 I'd give them a try. Can I say, to quote Ben Stiller in Night at the Museum, these things are "Fricking Awesome!" They're super comfy-- mostly because the footbed is uber-padded. And, they don't look like your traditional clog-crocs-- they're a more standard thong/flip-flop design. After trying on mine, the Mom also got herself a pair! I highly recommend them!

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Ellen said...

I caved and bought a pair last year at my podiatrist's office after having a wart removed (I know, TMI) - they were the only shoes that didn't rub the spot (which had to be done not once, but twice!). They are comfy - especially the pair I got which are made for diabetics.