Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Real Time Cinqo de Mayo Blogging...

Much to the dismay of my parents I love Mexican food! Sure, as my mom notes it always seems like its just the same three ingredients over and over (beef, beans and cheese, or some combination thereof...) So, in order to celebrate this year's Cinqo de Mayo I decided to make some Mexican food for ourselves!

I'm making Stacked Chicken Enchiladas with Salsa Verde and Cheese from Bon Appetite. I've also made the Salsa Verde myself with fresh tomatillos. The Salsa Verde recipe is from Gourmet and I substituted lime juice for water (I also used a whole serrano chile) and added cumin.

Photos to be uploaded later!

I had also planned on making blood orange sorbet, but alas I forgot to put the ice cream maker freezer bowl in the freezer until I got home from the grocery store... we'll see if it's frozen enough later otherwise our sorbet will have to wait until tomorrow!

I've got the enchiladas set aside and will bake them when the Husband is on the way home. I plan to serve them with lime cilantro rice and pinto beans! Here's to Cinqo de Mayo without leaving the house! Woo-hoo!!


Thirty Something Mommy said...

No margaritas? I didn't even realize it was cindo de mayo today until I took a peek at Isabella's school calendar and noticed it was indeed the 5th of May. 10 years ago this is a day I would have planned out two weeks in advance.

Weef! said...

Sadly, no margaritas. I had an Arnold Palmer. Woo-hoo! Call me wild and crazy!