Saturday, May 09, 2009

Eccles Cakes!

I'm not sure what an Eccles Cakes is (other than to know that it is some sort of English baked good) but it's also the internet name of a woman in England who sells yarn. I've been buying yarn from Eccles Cakes for years and years, and even bought my first (and so far, only) Colinette Ab Fab afghan kit. Well, the other day I was at TJ Maxx and I found a great knitting pattern book for $3.99! How can you beat that? And in it was a pattern for a little knitted vest in a Rowan yarn. I go on the internet and of course the yarn is discontinued and the remaining skeins are retailing for between $11.99-$13.99 each. Then I checked out Ebay and low and behold! Ecclescakes has 10 skein bags for $24.99 with free shipping from England! How cool is that? With that much yarn I can make *two* vests! Yay, Eccles Cakes! (Not to mention that when I went in to use Buy It Now I realized that I still had a Pay Pal balance, so I didn't even have to send any money... I just used money from my PayPal account! Score!)

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