Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I don't think the Mom every blogged this, so I'm going to go ahead and share.

The Monday after we got back from Italy (and while the Mom and Dad were still visiting) the season finale of Heroes aired. The four of us ate dinner at the island in the kitchen and when we were finished, the Mom proceeded to begin the clean up process while the Husband, Dad and I sat and watched Heroes on the flat screen.

In the middle of the show, Dr. Suresh was talking with Hiro and Ando and the Mom started running water in the sink to wash off some dishes. The Husband turned the volume up. Right after he did this and just as Suresh was about to explain to Hiro the source of all of his powers we hear:


Yup. Right at the pivitol point in the episode, and quite possibly the pivitol point in the entire series up till that time and the Mom turns on the Garbage Disposal.

It was truly comical.


Ellen said...

OMG, I thought maybe my father was at your house. He is 86, can't sit still and does things like that - and we have an open family room/kitchen.

Sue said...

Oh thanks alot Ellen!! I'm being compared to an 86 year was very funny...I never laughed that hard...and the Boss didn't get mad I was shocked...but my timing was perfect...and I was totally oblivious..