Friday, June 12, 2009

Attack of the Prep

Years ago, when I was a kid, I picked up a copy of The Official Preppy Handbook at the Atlanta Library Book Sale.

I know it's a satire, but I took it to heart. I've always liked LL Bean, whale prints and the like. When it comes to a formative building of my true fashion sense, this tome is like the bible.

Thus, when I came across a pair of Brooks Brothers madras patchwork pants recently (Similar to the photo below...), I couldn't help myself. (Now, let it be known that I've owned madras patchwork pants before, having bought a pair in college. Unfortunately these pants, much like the Tommy Hilfiger Lobster Print Pants which were also a college purchase were technically a bit too small but which I could usually manage to squeeze myself into a couple of times a season... ah to being a fashion victim, in more ways than one).

I also scored a Vineyard Vines Susie Fit Navy polo shirt. Paring this combo with my Miss Trish of Capri sandals and I'm ready for summer! (And, will also probably be able to be seen by the Hubble Telescope, because face it, the pants are a bit LOUD).

Let's also not forget that Miss B. received some lovely Lilly Pulitzer togs for her recent birthday (shout out of thank-yous to Miss Melanie and Miss Emily), so we're on our way to passing on the prepdom tradition. Can little penny loafers be far behind?

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Ellen said...

I had that book too. I was post college when the pink/green combo was all the rage. I had the Izod polo shirts, colored chinos and espadrilles. Now I limit my chinos to khaki, blue or black and I don't own a polo shirt any more. But that may change.....