Sunday, June 14, 2009

Subway Series Sunday!

Today we went to see the Yankees and the Mets play at the new Yankee Stadium!

The Husband got tickets for us and when we first arrived we weren't quite sure whether we were in regular seats, or a box, or whatnot. Upon heading to the will-call window we were informed that there were no tickets waiting for us, but that we should check with the concierge at the Suite Entrance on the other side of Gate 4.

We actually had tickets to be in the Legends Suite! How cool is that? We didn't really know at first what this meant, but the Legends Suite is filled with nice people to show you around and make you comfortable! There was a concierge the minute we walked in who offered to check our stroller! The Legends Suite includes a two-floor restaurant/lounge area with a full complimentary buffet (including a made-to-order pasta bar, carving station, cuban food station, hot dogs and other stadium fare, dessert station, etc., etc.) and giant flat screen tvs everywhere and a huge bar. Can I tell you, they even have tvs in the bathroom (which were really cool because they were flat screens behind the mirror so the game just seemed to be floating above the sinks!) On our way out of the club area to our seats there was a giant table with cracker jack, peanuts, twizzler and all other candy goodies and giant ice chests with bottled water and other drinks for the taking. (Oh, and let's not forget that as we were sitting and enjoying our meal, a woman came around with a *giant* tray of chocolate chip cookies and presented one to Miss B.!!)

Then it was time to head out to our seats! And what seats they were! We were in the fourth row right at the third base line, right behind the Met's dugout! The seats were big and comfy and leather (or at least something that looked like leather!). And, ladies were coming around the seats with more food (there was a hot dog lady, a man with cotton candy!) and there was also a nice woman assigned to our section who would come by every inning or so and ask if there was anything she could get for us. About midway through the game I had noticed that folks a few rows ahead of us had french fries, so the next time our server came by we asked what was available-- what's available? She provided us with in-seat dining menus! The Husband ordered a sausage and pepper hoagie and I got chicken fingers and french fries! (Note, this was after we had already shared a lovely raspberry sorbet... in a mini Yankees cap... with Miss B!) All I can say is it was totally amazing! It was like being in the first class lounge at the airport, only better! The last time I've seen such a diverse and amazing assortment of food was at Thisbe's wedding! Giant Kudos to the Yankee's organization for putting together a really lovely place for people to enjoy the game. Everyone in the Legends Suite Club and Legends seating area were super nice and really made our experience a terrific one!

As for the game-- it was great! The minute we took our seats the Yanks scored a home run (let's not even discuss the final score-- sorry, Mets fans)... And, there was a blimp, which Miss B. loved! It would make its rounds above the stadium and each time she saw it she would get so excited!! (Not to mention that she also got very into the music, clapping and other baseball game traditions). She just did fabulous!!

Derek J!
Enjoying Hot Dog #2

The view from our seats...

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