Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Craft Mania, part deux

Do you ever have one of those days when you find yourself kind of acting like Magda from "There's Something About Mary" when she's cleaning Mary's apartment as if she's on speed? Well, today was one of those days.

While Miss B. was sleeping, I decided to finish work on the "carpetbag" that I have been making for the Mom. Thisbe is aware of this, since we were on the phone while I was attempting to figure out what the ^*$*$!?! was wrong with my machine... alas a few re-threadings of the needle and resetting the bobbin later, and Voila!

Here's the bag in all its glory... it started out its life as a throw rug from IKEA. They had them on sale for $1.99 and some of the patterns were just so neat I thought I could make bags out of them! Sure, that was about six months ago, but hey, at least I finally got around to it, right?

The contrasting polka dot fabric shown here is actually an interior pocket inside the bag!

I got strap fabric at JoAnn's and used clear nylon thread...

The bag is really big, I think it will make a great beach tote!

Then it was time to move on to my next craft! I've been wanting to make a sweater quilt for a while and now that I know the basics of quilting I thought I would give it a try. I had felted a bunch of old sweaters this past winter and they had just been hanging around in the craft closet waiting for something to do! The other day I cut up a beige fisherman's sweater and a navy blue cashmere sweater into 5 inch blocks and arranged them in a checkerboard pattern which I thought would be perfect for a stroller blanket for Miss B. Today I worked on sewing together each of the squares to make my strips. Now that's done, but alas, my machine can't handle sewing the strips together as the felted sweaters are just too thick... I'm hoping maybe I can use a machine at the Pennington Quilt works to finish the project!

Not being able to finish the quilt in one sitting, I then had to move on to my next craft! (What else is one expected to do when the only thing on TV is "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here"?) So, I made another iron-on t-shirt for Miss B. Check that out!

And, finally, before putting away the sewing machine I hemmed a pair of jeans.
Ah, the accomplishment!


Nouveau Stitch said...

Hey, your Mom sent me over to supervise. Just kidding! Anyway, I ran across a neat tute on hemming jeans (for those who are vertically challenged) here: http://justsomethingimade.com/. The link for some reason doesn't go directly to the post so type in "Hemming Distressed Jeans" on the blog's search box and it should come up. It's pretty cool but I would cut off the excess rather than keeping it inside the jeans. If you need to lengthen, you're on your own. I won't claim responsibility if you spend the next three hours on her blog...just consider yourself warned.

Your other projects look like fun!


Weef! said...

Ellen! Thanks for visiting my site! And thanks for sending the link to the "JustsomethingImade" blog-- the instructional about how to hem distressed jeans is great! Now I'll be able to hem with much more confidence! :)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I see someone else is losing her mind from being trapped inside by the rain. Ha! Just kidding (sort of ;-) I LOVEEEE the carpet bag -- brilliant!! You need to open an etsy store or something. Seriously.