Thursday, June 04, 2009

Movie Time

Its that time again, the Mom and Dad are visiting and thus we have babysitting services! So far we've seen Angels & Demons and Star Trek!!

A&D was okay, not as good as the Code, but it did have the same music (plus), did have lots of Roman scenery (which we are now familiar with) and did feature Ewan!

Then, last night the Husband, Dad and I visited the Princeton Garden Theater and saw Star Trek! I have to say-- it was pretty darn good. Sylar as Spock? Fine choice. Surprisingly even better than that-- Karl Urban as Bones McCoy! Who knew the New Zealander could do it! Great story, great character development, all in all a great way to reinvigorate the franchise. Did anyone else notice the crack about Admiral Archer's beloved Beagle? At least they threw something in there for those six of us who actually watched "Enterprise" with Scott Bakula.

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Thirty Something Mommy said...

We were disappointed in A & D! The Davinci Code was much better. Of course my standards are pretty high these days considering we only see a few movies per year....I want them to be really good.