Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Stitch Witchery

Brain cloud alert! So I'm finishing off a dress for Miss B. and I wanted to attach a ribbon trim. I knew I couldn't machine sew it and I hate hand sewing so I decided to try some technology... enter: Stitch Witchery fuseable bonding "for hems, trims and belts!" Presto! Now I have had limited experience with this stuff before and thought that it should kind of look like super-thin fiberglass, or kind of like if you took polyfil and made scotch tape out of it. I just happened to have a roll in my sewing box so I took it out of the package and unrolled some. It came off the roll and looked like plastic wrap.

I was confused. I thought maybe that was just the outer wrapping. I kept unwrapping. More and more plastic wrap. So then I figured, "well, this must be it, maybe it's not the same stuff that I thought."

I then cut a few of the plastic wrap strips and put them between the ribbon and the dress fabric and attempt to melt them together with my iron.

It kind of sticks. Kind of. And my first thought is:

"this is some cheap-ass fusible bonding!"

Yeah, check that package again brainiac.

It was plastic wrap. For some reason there was like five feet of plastic wrap before you actually got to the aforementioned fiberglassy/polyfill tape material.

Needless to say, that stuff actually worked.

Note to self: Let's not do late-night sewing so much, huh?


Anastasia said...

My mom used that every so often growing up. I can't believe I recognized the name when I saw the post!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Sorry to laugh...but...tee hee hee. :-) That is totally something I would do.