Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Beaver, Rollo-- Road Hog!

Yesterday Baby G and I were in the WF parking lot and were almost plowed into by a woman in a gi-normous SUV. Now I'm all for SUV's but really.

I do have to complain about women drivers in the gigantic ones. I'm not talking your regular sized SUVs (i.e. the Pathfinder, Highlander, Cherokee, even LR3s, X3s, X5s and Explorers/Blazers)-- regular size SUVs are fine, people can drive them and not act like they're steering a tuna fishing vessel, but put somebody (especially these local WASP-Y "wear riding breeches and boots to the grocery store" types behind the wheel of any type of Escalade, Yukon, Durango, Navigator, Aviator, Excursion, Expedition, SUBURBAN and you've got trouble.

Here we were in the parking lot, going up *our* side of the lane and meanwhile I've got a big beige Escalade heading down the *middle* of the row as if it were going to ram the Wagon right out of its way.

Okay, note to drivers of vehicles so large they have their own zip code: let's not cruise the parking lot as if each row is "one way" at top speeds of 30mph plus.

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Andrea said...

absolutely LOVE w.c. fields and this movie "If I had a Million", didn't know anyone else who knew of the famous "Rollo, Beaver!" quote. I have been researching why she was yelling "Beaver!" would you happen to know why she yelled this at the road hogs? please e-mail