Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sexiest Man Alive

People has announced it's latest "Sexiest Man Alive" and this time the winner is Matt Damon. Kudos to Matt... I understand that both George Clooney and Brad Pitt have been campaigning hard for him and after the success of the Bourne franchise, certainly honors are deserved. While I can appreiciate Matt as a sexy guy, I do think the title of "Sexiest Man Alive" may be a bit of a stretch. That's a big title to wear. It's not just sexiest man of the year or sexiest guy this week, but it's sexiest man alive. While Matt would win hands down between best buddy Ben Affleck (sorry Ben, but you just have too much of that fluctuating Mariah-Carey-Esque metabolism thing going on, and let's not forget Gigli), but really, for Matt Damon to be the sexiest man alive there would have to be some sort of giant sexy man catastrophe-- like all past winners would need to have been at some sort of sexy man convention which is then tragically wiped out by an asteroid. We'd have to lose Johnny Depp, George, Brad, Leo DiCaprio, Taye Diggs, the list just goes on and on. Let's not even go into the contingent of sexy men from the British Isles (hello Ewan, Clive and the new James Bond). Then, there's always Antonio Banderas. Sure he's been reduced to doing voice overs for allergy medicine commercials, but still!

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