Thursday, November 15, 2007

Greek Week Comes to an Abrupt End.

Last night we had yogurt baked chicken with spanakorizo and potato, red onion and caper salad. The spanakorizo (spinach with rice and lemon) was very tasty as was the potato salad. Unfortunately, the chicken not so much. The baked yogurt and onion mixture which surrounded the chicken was good, but the chicken breast that the Husband got was tough and didn't taste right. Mine was okay but not compelling enough to keep eating. As a consolation, we had rice krispies as a midnight snack. Tonight Spanakopita was on the menu but alas, my heart's just not in it. I think we're ordering from P.F. Chang's instead. Here's to hoping the Griggstown Turkey we're having for Thanksgiving has a better fate.

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Anonymous said...

Alright, I had to comment.... you've put me to shame with all that greek cooking (does heating up mom's pastitsio count?) Anyway, kudos for the tasty meals. And if worse comes to worse, there's always the frozen spanakopita. ;) Cheers! l