Monday, November 19, 2007

Valley Oil...

This morning (while watching Rachael Ray) I heard the oil truck pull up. These are the same people who came and filled up our tank at the end of April last year (because there's nothing like getting 250 gallons of oil for summertime). We've made plans to bring the family room online with the rest of the house's heat system (which means a conversion from oil to gas) so we're looking to use up what oil we have left and certainly not invest in any new. Unfortunately I hadn't yet gotten out of jammies, so I ran down the stairs, threw on my Uggs and one of the Husband's overcoats (it was the first one in the closet) and ran outside the house shouting after the oil man to stop pumping. I was quite a sight in my striped pj pants and giant men's coat. The oil guy stops the pump and gives me the bill for what had already been delivered. $39 and change for 11 gallons, per gallon $3.349. Upon coming back inside I realized somehow or another I now smelled like oil fumes. I figure easily I had about $1.50 worth of fumes permeating my outfit.

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