Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Finally, I have a new cell phone. I got a pink Motorolla Razor (like Thisbe's!), mind you, Dave has had a Razor for how many years now? I know, I'm behind the times. But it arrives and alas, no headset. Noting that, the description on the Verizon website said it would have a headset, but fine, whatever, I have a spare. However, my spare uses a regular old audio headset jack. Razor? There's no headset jack. None. Instead there's just a lowly data jack.

My first thought: No headset jack? Bluetooth? I can't get a bluetooth headset! Resistence may be futile but I can't assimilate! I did try to warm up to the idea of the borg headset, but I'm just too much of a luddite when it comes to cell phone technology. I'm still distraught over the fact that my Charlie's Angels Nokia from 2001 stopped working and that was five years ago! I was one of the last holdouts still using an analog signal. Don't even get me started about the battery life issues. Camera phone?? What for?? I always carry an Elph!

What to do? I'm at Target today and I manage to scrounge up a headset that uses a data jack. I probably should have bought two.

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