Thursday, July 24, 2008

All this Kitchen Renovation Work

is making me sleepy...

Today we have the electricians! Devi has been our electrician from the start and he's very nice but he always seems to be a bit on the inexperienced side. Kind of like he might very well be a brain surgeon back in the Ukraine but lighting doesn't seem to be his thing. Thankfully, the electricians travel in pairs and they've paired him up with someone who supposedly has 23 years of experience, but either way electrician #2 has the appearance of someone who knows what they're doing. First they measured out the room and went according to the design to layout outlets/appliance receptacles and then they went over all of the placement with me. Now they're ripping out all of the old wiring that we don't need or is outdated (we requested this since the kitchen wiring has always been spotty at best). Then they're planning to bring back an extra guy tomorrow to start on the lighting, etc.

On other fronts, we think we may go with a hood inside of a piece of cabinetry rather than a hood with a chimney... I contacted H&H Gas and Appliance and they're willing to match Ferguson's price on the Wolf Rangetop and the hood price (which includes the needed blower) is much more reasonable than the hood plus chimney plus blower... of course then you have to add in the cost of the vent cover, but we'll deal with that. I'm supposed to visit Marilyn at the HD tomorrow...

Oh, by the way, did I mention the giant-door-sized hole that was behind the frige? Clearly, that's going to need to be fixed. And, for some reason the "wall" behind where the old cooktop used to be is some sort of metal sheeting afixed to a metal netting which was 'afixed' (by a method which is unclear) to the underlying cinderblock. Even our Ukrainian friend indicated that this was reminscient of a bomb shelter.

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