Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Real-Time Remodel Blogging...

So the guys are at the house now demo-ing the ceiling in the kitchen. They were supposed to come back and do it yesterday but there was a little mishap with the burglar alarm and alas they fled the scene (seemed fishy... can you say undocumented worker? That, alas, is Home Depot's problem...) anyhoo. They were supposed to come "this afternoon" which interestingly enough meant 4:15 but they didn't actually enter the house until 4:30 since it was raining outside and they didn't seem to want to leave their truck. By the way, the truck? It's got the road runner painted on it in multiple places and there are flames by the grill (you can draw your own conclusions, but it certainly is a spiffy custom paint job for whatever that is worth... pictures will follow). I think that someone out there is conspiring against me however as Baby went down for a nap a few minutes before the guys arrived (and began blowing the horn of their truck to get my attention... (said truck is of course outfitted with a novelty horn). I was hoping to catch a bit of a nap myself but alas, while so far it seems to not have disturbed Baby I can't really see myself falling asleep during demo. So instead I made crispy crowns in the new toaster oven which has been set up in our dining room kitchenette. Nothing says "new toaster oven" like that burning plastic smell you get the first time you use it. Especially when you have to put it on 450. I'm just shocked that the Dining Room fuse didn't blow. The sheer fact that I had the nerve to have the microwave plugged in simultaneously while using the toaster oven (let's not even think about *using* it simultaneously, I'm just talking plugged in here...) normally would have blown the fuse!

Tomorrow's adventure will be a visit from the electricians. We'll see how that goes. Oh, one last thing. Our Kitchen sink's drain line is the last drain connected into the main drain line for the house-- every other drain is above the drain line but the kitchen sink drain is more parallel to the line and it links a short distance before the drain leaves the house. Carlos and the boys forgot to cap the drain line last night when they left. This obviously necessitated a trip to HD to pick up a cap. Oh, and let's not forget that while they did "shut off" the gas line to the cooktop (there is an emergency shut off valve about an inch from where they cut the line), they didn't cap the cut line for that either-- they just put some electrical tape over the end. Thank god we're not smokers.

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