Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weef in the City!

As noted in the post below, yesterday started off with a bang! Then, as I'm walking into Penn Station (okay, fighting through the horde of passengers exiting my train in order to get up off the platform and into the station...) I hear the muffled ring of my cell phone. It's the Husband. Turns out Bar Americain, though having taken our 11:30am reservation via Open Table last week, is "closed" and has to cancel our reservation. Emily from Bar Americain didn't say why (I'm guessing private party, though who knows, it could have been the health department ;) she was nice enough to get me another reservation at The Modern once I told her Mesa Grill was too far for our travels. However, after thinking on it, I remembered Blue Fin located right in Times Square... called them and got us a 12pm reservation (as power was down on portions of the New Haven line the ladies were running a few minutes behind...). I headed to TKTS where the ladies met up with me and we got tickets to Young Frankenstein! I was a bit shocked that the TKTS 50% off price was still $66 (mostly shocked that it meant the tickets regularly go for over $120!) eeoch! We managed to get out of TKTS by 11:15 so we headed over to Muji at 40th and 8th in the New York Times Building to do some shopping-- neat store, kind of a higher priced, much more serene IKEA (with clothes) I got a set of the New York Blocks and some office products. After shopping we headed back uptown to Blue Fin where KK joined us for brunch.

Once we finished brunching we headed over to the Hilton theater for Young Frankenstein. The show was funny and the Mom would have enjoyed the tap dancing routine to "Puttin' on the Ritz". One of the most exciting parts of the day came next-- when we went to Juniors for little fella cheesecakes after the show! Can anyone say sugar high? Unfortunately it was like 95 degrees while doing all of this but the gals were troupers and we did take shelter in air conditioning wherever we could. Looking forward next to our knitting circle this fall!

oh, and ps. I got another double decker train on the way home.... double woo-hoo!

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