Thursday, July 24, 2008

Food Glorious Food

Having to prepare all of our food in the dining room in a make-shift kitchen has started off as a good test in how to feed a toddler. When all you've got is a panini maker, toaster oven, toaster and a microwave you need to be creative. This morning I made scrambled eggs in the microwave (thanks to all those years watching the guys at Ess-a-bagel do it. However, I struck a miss this evening at dinner when I attempted to give the little lady the equivalent of a toddler-sized MRE. I should have known when the "Graduates Lil' Entree" didn't need to be refrigerated. At first she was a good sport, trying the chicken, mashed potatoes and carrots but after about three bites she just looked at me as if to say, "Lady, you took me to Paris and you expect me to eat *this*?"

During the first week of August, while I'm toiling away at a week long NJCLE seminar, the Mom and Dad will be watching Miss B so I've complied a few food tips for the care and feeding of Miss Baby.

If "Cheese" is in the name, it's usually fair game. Case in point, macaroni and cheese, ham and cheese, cheeseburger.

If "Dog" is in the name, it's a no-go.. for instance: corn dog, devil dog.

Much like conjugating latin verbs, there are always irregularities. Chili Cheese dog? Well, cheese does appear in the name, but cheese is always overruled by the use of "dog". Chili cheese dog? That'd be a no.

Other irregularities include "roll" "roll" on its own, as in a round bread product, works. Lobster roll? That might work. Taylor pork roll? While I have succumbed to the unique goodness that is pressed pork roll I really think there is no place in Miss B's internal workings for that particular food product.

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