Friday, July 18, 2008

Manic Crafting!

So the Husband had to go back to the office to work on a lease abstract (Hi Husband!) and Carlos the contractor left a message earlier today saying that our permits are in and the kitchen demo can begin which means I'm going to lose my sewing space for a while... what does all of this amount to? Manic crafting!

Yes, this evening while watching a) Jimmy Kimmel (until I found the remote under a pile of laundry) and b) French language television (apres remote recovery) I sewed up this nifty little sundress for Miss Baby.

The plan had been to finish the pants for the pants/top set that I made with the fabric from KK, but alas, my bobbin had navy thread and so I decided to be lazy and do that project which could be pulled off with said navy thread. Voila! navy polka dot sundress. Bloomers will follow under separate cover (I got too tired...) but thankfully the dress is long enough I think I can get away with coordinating bloomers from another one of Miss B's outfits in the mean time.

This project was pretty simple given that the fabric (it was a remnant!) came pre-smocked... all I had to do was sew up the seams, sew front and back panel together and make the straps.

It's all very Project Runway. I find that during Top Chef, I really put the cooking into high gear and PR inspires more daring crafting. If only Bravo would come up with some sort of knitting-based reality competition I might finally be able to finish my backlog of knitwear projects. (Don't even get me started on my needlepoint...)

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