Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I don't have any new updates on the kitchen, except to say our plumber looks like Vin Diesel.

In other news, today Miss Baby and I spent the day traversing the tri-state area. On the last Wednesday of each month Grant Wilfley does an open casting call for SAG and non-SAG extras at their Connecticut satellite office in Stamford. We headed up north today to visit with Leda and to register. We met up with Miss Leda at her office and she showed us around the world's largest trading floor-- it was pretty nifty. It was like an airport terminal that someone filled with Bloomberg screens and traders. It was pretty neat that they have a catwalk above the trading floor so you can look down at everybody in the "pit" and get that human zoo feeling!

Next it was over to Progress Drive for our casting call (which Leda joined us for)... there were a few other people there including at least one real stage mom who brought props with her to make sure her tots smiled for the camera-- she also mentioned that one of her little boys had gotten a black eye this week and she was thinking she'd cover it with make-up. (Okay, can we say taking this a bit too seriously??) Of course she also had her own picture taken too (sorry to be mean but she really could have used make-up more than her tot...) If you're going to go there and everything you may as well comb your hair and throw on some lipstick, no?

Afterwards Miss B and I headed in to Greenwich to do some wandering around on Greenwich Ave. We stopped in to the world's smallest Saks (to replace a pair of sunglasses which have gone missing) and I actually got asked where I get my haircut! (I do have to say it was fun being able to say that I got my hair done in Paris!) It is starting to get a bit shaggy though so I'm going to have to visit Julien at FF sometime soon. We also hit up Jacadi (big sale), Vineyard Vines (small sale) and Starbucks for a slice of marble pound cake.

Unfortunately we didn't time things too great so on the way home we hit a *ton* of traffic once we hit the Bronx. We jumped off of 95 up the Bronx River Parkway to Fordham Road/Route 1 and proceeded to cross the Bronx on surface streets until we got to the Henry Hudson Parkway. The Garmin spent the whole time trying to get us back on 95. I think by now the British Garmin lady's head is spinning. Can I also say, something's telling me not too many people combine shopping in Greenwich with crossing the Bronx.

Plans for tomorrow? Stay local.

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