Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Maternity Wear...

So, now that I have (thankfully) gone back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I still have these lingering items in my wardrobe known as "maternity clothes". Now don't get me wrong-- I had some maternity items that were really neat-- I got a really great dress on sale from Cadeau, I had a little (okay, large) Lilly Pulitzer dress and a neat DVF blouse. I also had some maternity items which weren't fashionable at all but served their purpose at the time and I couldn't have lived without (read: keds flip flops once my feet got huge and Liz Lange sweat-suit material capri pants that always kind of reminded me of those torn pants that the Hulk wears...) I also had a couple of great items that weren't maternity but were big enough to cover the bump (a great purple CK top, a black Club Monaco stretchy dress that I had had forever... etc.)

In order to have gotten to the place that I am today I not only had to lose a bazillion pounds of water weight and actual weight, but I also had to donate/throw away/burn things like the Hulk pants noted above. You can't lose weight if you still have clothes that comfortably fit your post-pregnancy body-- hulk pants? You're out. This brings us to yet another category of clothes: Transition items bought after Miss B arrived but before I could fit into my old clothes. While I have some things that I wore while pregnant that I will still wear today (the CK top noted above, the club monaco dress and a few other things that only walk that fine line between "is it maternity or is it memorex"), some of the transition items are things I never want to see again. Case in point-- a generic pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt. I wore it so many times last summer I never want to see it again.

One more thing to add: Luckily, my feet went back to their old size.

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