Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's 10pm, do you know where your crafter is?

Why she's in the kitchen making some curtains! Yup, tonight's project was curtains for the dining room.

We have three windows in the dining room, two of which are kind of half-size and the room doesn't get that much light as it is (despite having windows on two sides...). The Mom had graciously made us curtains shortly after we moved in, but recently I've changed the chair covers on our dining room chairs and the chandelier shades on our lighting fixtures and needed new curtains to match. For whatever reason, when we first moved in I thought using cranberry for my color scheme would be a good idea. Looking back now, clearly cranberry chair covers and light shades was not helping to make the room any lighter (in fact, the damn chandelier shades kind of gave it really weird tavern feel, which while period appropriate just wasn't working anymore). Now we've got a beige and blue scheme going on.

I had been looking for some sort of sheer thing to just drape on the windows but I hadn't had any luck (with my lame attempt at crusing through Linens N' Things, Target and Country Curtains on-line.) The other day though, I noticed a fabric remnant that I bought ages ago at Pierre Deux. It's a toile (what else is new?) and it's cream and navy with a wacky ballooning scene on it. I figured I'd give it a go!

Luckily I had some plain white cotton fabric that I was able to use as a lining and I already had the tension rods! Not bad! I still have one more to make, but it's all cut out and ironed and ready to go, I'll just have to sew it up tomorrow. After this? More little curtains-- for our foyer and the library.

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