Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Women

Tonight we Redbox'd "The Women" (what can I say, out of the twelve or so local RedBoxes, none have Burn After Reading. We've been trying to get it since it came out and so far, no luck)... it was cute. There were some funny moments.

Next? Mamma Mia! We'll see just how bad Pierce Brosnan's singing voice is.

Also, you know it's the holidays when you find yourself really regreting your meal choices at the end of the day. Today I had two (yes, that's right *two*) hot dogs, some home made mac n' cheese and chips and dip. The hot dogs were on two separate occasions (one being a 50 cent wiener from IKEA of all places, the other a chili dog from Stewarts). I was half-way through the chili dog when I realized, "you already had one hot dog today!" The Nitrates! The nitrates! What was I thinking?

Oh, let's also not forget that I shared a frozen yogurt with Miss B.

After this week I think I'll have to be on an all vegetable diet for a month!

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