Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What the??

We're finally done with the kitchen (just about... pictures to follow) and with the impending arrival of the Mom and Dad we did a massive house cleaning and straightening last night. Up until last night we had our old kitchen table sitting in a corner in our dining room since July. During the bulk of the renovation it was our pantry table (i.e. where all of our dry/canned food goodies and paper plates and other acoutrement lived) and since we've started actually using the kitchen it was housing a bunch of plates and other sundry items that don't fit in the new kitchen but are going to be stored in the utility room once it is finished.

Last night, after Miss B. went to sleep, we cleared off the table and then the Husband took the table and chairs out to the barn.

This morning, after Miss B. had breakfast she walked into the dining room. I was still tidying up in the kitchen from Breakfast and I look into the dining room and I see her turn to where the table used to be and she was just shaking her head, sort of in disbelief. She turned to me with a look as if to say: "Mom, where did all that s**t go??" Then she waived goodbye to where the table used to be.

I guess I should have expected as much, when something has been around for a third of your life, you're a bit surprised when you wake up one day and its been relegated to the barn!

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