Friday, December 19, 2008

The Wrestler, et. al.

Okay, has anybody else seen the commercials they've been running for "The Wrestler" with Mickey Rourke? I've heard the hype I know this is supposed to be a great movie and a terrific come-back role for Mickey, but really-- have you seen what's being put out there? The commercial focuses on Mickey Rourke (scary face-lift and all... but no chihuahua!), poor Marissa Tomei and Evan Rachel Wood. The big drama shown in the clip? Marissa Tomei sitting in a car telling Mickey Rourke that he should "call" his daughter. In the background? A warbling Bruce Springsteen tune. UGH! This is not how you sell it!

Other assessments:

There seem to be a lot more movies opening on Christmas Day than usual this year. There's Valkyrie, The Spirit, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Marley & Me and Bedtime Stories. Revolutionary Road is mixing it up by hitting theaters on Boxing Day. What is this? Are we trying to make Christmas be like Memorial Day weekend? But really, no complaints, the more movies the better.

Valkyrie. Okay, I'll have to go see this because it is about Von Stauffenberg and at least the real story is interesting... but Tom Cruise? You can't take Tom Cruise seriously with an eye patch! He's Tom Cruise. He's not acting, he's being himself. Suddenly Jerry Maguire is a Nazi with a conscience? You have to figure this can't actually be a realistic historical drama (no matter how many British people they have playing the rest of the Nazi gang... let's not even discuss the whole accent versus accent and how come nobody is speaking German issue...) Given that Tom is in it surely the producers are going to want a Hollywood ending and in this version of the story the plot to assassinate Hitler will succeed! Von Stauffenberg might not have been able to do it right, but Tom Cruise sure will!

I'm looking forward to Benjamin Button and hope that it pans out as a good movie. I think it has potential.

Marley & Me? Haven't read the book, am generally disinterested in all attempts at a film career by Jennifer Anniston. I do like Owen Wilson, but this may have to be a Redbox flick.

Bedtime Stories? Again, this has potential-- it could be like Night at the Museum and let's face it after "Don't Mess with the Zohan" Adam Sandler could be exhibiting his belly button lint for 90 minutes and it would be more entertaining.

The Spirit. Hmpf. Who the hell is Gabriel Macht?

Movies I wanted to see but haven't had the chance yet:

A Christmas Tale
Man on a Wire
I've Loved You So Long
(I figure all of these will end up as renters)


Movies I want to see that aren't out yet?

The Reader (okay the relationship between Kate Winslet and a 15 year old is creepy, but it's got Ralph Fiennes in it!)

Revolutionary Road (looks like it could be a bore fest with the same period feel as
The Good Shepard but I'm taken in by the whole 'let's revisit Titanic' thing with Kate and Leo...)


Mamma Mia! (Come on, it's a crowd pleaser)
Burn After Reading
The Women


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Sue said...

thoughts.....Yes, Instead of Tom Cruise playing a Nazi without an accent why didn't they just use Sean Connery with the Scottish accent, it would have been more believable....and RedBox or not..Mama Mia was suppose to be a real bomb. Hey, you haven't been over to the blog to comment on our squirrels....