Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Update on Sin Noticias de Dios...

So when the Husband was giving me the summary of the end of Sin Noticias de Dios the other day, he said that at the end there are epilogues about the various characters. In the movie, Penelope Cruz plays Carmen Ramos who is an agent of the devil that has been sent back to earth as a woman, after having been a male gangster in a prior life. The Husband tells me at the end of the movie they have a picture of what Carmen looks like now, after being promoted to Circle 10 of Hell and getting to be a man again. The Husband specified only that "they showed a picture of some Spanish guy". Miss B. and I watched the movie again tonight-- "some Spanish guy?" Hello Javier Bardem! Not to mention-- what an interesting twist since now Javier and Penelope Cruz are a romantic item!

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410E9th said...

Could you please have a guest birthday blog post on this topic.

"---- is having a hard time believing that ring composition is unique to Indo-European poetics"

I feel this needs to be explained a little more.