Monday, December 08, 2008

Ladies' Day Out!

I'm back from quite a day out! I got up this morning, made two quiches and headed on my way. Picked up Mel in Westchester and then it was on to Stamford for lunch with Leda and Gretchen! We had a lovely ladies' lunch at Leda's (love the alliteration!) with Leda's famous feta cheese triangles and all sorts of goodies. Conversation was fun and festive, and then it was off to the Ridgefield Theater Barn to see Thisbe in The Secret Garden!

The show was great and there were lots of Thisbe's friends and family in the audience so it was a nice chance to get to see everybody! Ridgefield is really a lovely town and it was fun too to get to drive through Wilton on the way and see a bit of snow covered New England (quite a nice change from the refineries on 95 that started out the early part of the day's travelling!) (Thanks for driving, Leda!) And, thanks to Mel and Gretchen we had tasty desserts to snack on at the Theater Barn at intermission-- Thisbe had said we should bring food and bring food we did! I didn't see anybody else there with Italian cookies, gourmet chocolate and a ricotta cheesecake ;)

On the way home I stopped in at Chipotle for dinner and when I got home I had a smiling Miss B. and Husband waiting for me! Yay! The Husband and I promptly fell asleep for an extended "nap" after Miss B. went to sleep. Awaking four hours later to "Wake up and go to bed" (but not before having a few Hostess Donettes, because nothing says post-midnight snack like a mini powdered donut).

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