Saturday, December 06, 2008


Okay. We Redbox'd "Wall-E" this evening. Have to say--- not loving it. It was more an exercise for animators than entertainment... it clearly didn't seem to be designed for kids, at least not young ones. You've got to have colors, music, excitement. A modified R2D2 hanging out on a bleak looking earth with a cockroach just isn't doing it. Two high points? (i) When Wall-E left Earth's orbit he hit Sputnik and (ii) Signourney Weaver as the voice of the Axiom Spaceship (a great nod to her role in Galaxy Quest where her "one job" on the Galaxy Quest spaceship was to repeat everything that the ship's computer said). Otherwise? Not a big hit with Miss B. or me... kind of like the time I went to see Heavy Metal with the Dad and thought it would be a kid's movie. Lesson to take away? Just because its a cartoon doesn't mean its for kids. Other lesson to learn? If it is a cartoon it *should* be geared to kids (take a lesson from that whoever directed "Renaissance").

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