Friday, March 27, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese

Today's adventure was visiting Chuck E. Cheese with some of the folks from Gymboree. You'll be pleased to know that, at least while we were there, Crazy Mom was on her best behavior. There was no diaper changing on the tables, nor did she spout off what a crazy schedule she has. However, that being said, we weren't actually there for very long. Miss B. lost interest pretty quickly.

What can I say, I had never been to a Chuck E. Cheese before so I didn't realize that the "little kids" area was just comprised of a couple of those mechanical ride on cars like they have outside of supermarkets. In fact, I think there is a larger selection of mechanical cars in front of our local Old Navy at the Mall. There was no ball pit (which is I guess for the best since the Husband and I discussed, pre-Cheese visit how those things must be impossible to sanitize, unless they were to just douse the entire ball pit with purell from the ceiling a la the mist-devices in the produce section at your local grocery store...), there was one whack-a-mole, one basketball toss, a monster truck, a Barney "train" engine and a Bob the Builder backhoe. Also, I was apparently the only mom who purchased tokens so the machines actually worked... everybody else just seemed to let their kids climb on the rides but then have them not move or light up.

After about twenty minutes of "exploring" the toddler section, Miss B. decided she needed to attempt the Roger Bannister 3-minute mile to the other side of the restaurant. We made those laps a couple of times and then decided it was best if we headed home. After four dollars worth of tokens, our work was done.

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Ellen said...

Ugh, Chuck E Cheese is parent hell on earth. I think even some kids find it as annoying as their parents - too noisy and kids acting like they've never been let out of the house.

Congrats to Miss B for realizing that there are better places for her and mom to hang out.