Saturday, March 07, 2009

This Place Must be a Geographical Oddity

Two Weeks from Everywhere!

A quote from "O, Brother, Where Art Thou", inspired by our recent string of Geographically inspired movie viewings.

First: In Bruges. Okay, the Dad didn't like "In Bruges", but the Dad did like Bangkok Dangerous, so I think we'll just have to leave this as a difference of opinion. I had been waiting for this to come to the Redbox but it never did, instead it finally showed up on HBO on Demand. We watched it the other night and I have to say-- I liked it! I even laughed out loud on more than one occasion. How often is it that you hear the phrase "racist dwarf"? I actually enjoyed Colin Farrell's performance. And, it's got Ralph Fiennes in it, so it can't be all bad, right? (Okay, to be honest, Ralph Fiennes films can be bad, very bad, it would appear from a quick scan of his imdb CV that I'd say one in every five is a good movie, but you get my point).

Second: Australia. Oh, geesh. What has Baz Lurhmann gotten himself into this time?!? The Mom had said "it was like a cartoon movie" and she was right, at first. I'd say easily through the first half hour it was cartoonish. Kind of in the same way that Moulin Rouge could be cartoonish. So, I was going with the flow and figuring it was just Baz being Baz. But, after about the hour mark it suddenly started to try and take itself seriously. Unfortunately, the sets still looked cartoonish, but now the actors were trying to act normal. As the Husband pointed out there was zero chemistry between Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman and the last section of the movie seemed to be Pearl Harbor in Australia minus Ben Affleck. All in all? It was awful! We'll never get those three hours back! Save yourselves, run! And, let's hope that Peter Jackson's next film isn't "New Zealand!"

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