Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Co-Worker sends the following email, copies Boss-Guy:

Email to: Weef!
CC: Boss-Guy
Re: Missing X Documents

"I don't see a record of "X Document" ever being delivered in connection with "Transaction" (not so-subtle subtext being: Transaction is a transaction YOU were responsible for and it appears that YOU forgot to have this "Very Important X document" filed/delivered/whatever and I wanted to TELL EVERYONE!!!)

And just to show how responsible and conscientious I AM I will also add that:

"I have not found a copy on the closing disk and I do not see a Word version in our document system"

Which basically implies that X document never existed and wasn't even CONTEMPLATED!! HA-HA!

Finally, again, just to show how smart I AM...

"I'll reach out to "Colleague in local office" to see if we need "X document" filed in connection with "Transaction B" as well, given that we'll have a second mortgage on B Transaction."

This lovely missive allowed me to respond in kind:

E-Mail to: Colleague
CC: Boss-Guy
Subject: Copies of Filed X Documents


Thanks for your message. Attached are copies of:

1) Filed X Document in connection with Transaction. This copy was located on the systems you searched.

2) Filed X Document in connection with Transaction B which may not need to be refiled as "X Document" is filed in connection with Loan Agreements, not Mortgages.

Please do contact colleague in local office to confirm what is required at this time. Thanks!"

Subtle subtext being: Why don't we all try and work together and actually complete the documents we need to do rather than sit around "looking" for things that "weren't done" because guess what, I'm older than you and more experienced and I did this correctly the first time around you just look like an idiot because you couldn't find the copies. Thanks!!

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