Wednesday, March 04, 2009

More Redbox!

Last week I rented The Changeling, What Just Happened and Religilous (sp??) I've still got Religilous and if I don't watch it tomorrow I'm just taking it back! As the Husband noted, the Changeling was shot like a Lifetime movie. It even had a Lifetime movie score (thanks, Clint). Well told, but really depressing (and even made more so since it was a true story)... as for What Just Happened... damn fine question! My answer? I just turned off the DVD player half way through. Boring, unfunny, yada, yada, yada.

But, this shall not deter us! This morning I logged on to right after my conference call with the Job and reserved both "Australia" and "I've Loved You So Long". Woo-hoo! Here's to Hugh Jackman shirtless and Kristen Scott Thomas speaking French. Let's hope these are better than our last picks!

But, of course, nothing can go too smoothly. When I headed over to McCaffrey's to pick up the reserved flicks I was stuck behind a lady who had clearly never used the box before. In fact, she may have never even used a credit card swiper device before. Or possibly never been out of the house, I'm not sure. The Husband and Miss B. were waiting for me in the parking lot and here's the lady in front of me slowly scrolling through *all* 16 pages of movie titles. Then she goes back and picks out "W.", then she tries to check out. She managed to swipe her credit card in every conceivable direction *but* the one that would have had the strip in the right place. Then the box times out her transaction and goes back to the "View Cart" screen. At this point I step in and intercede. I actually had to take her credit card out of her hand and orient it properly in front of the machine to show her how to use it. In order to keep my calm I then started telling her all about how you can reserve your movies on-line and just pick them up at the Box, and better yet, you can *search* for movies on-line and it will tell you which box has the movie you're looking for! Then she tells me how she's looking for "The Changeling" and she thanked me for showing her how to use the machine.... glad to be of service, now, please, if you don't mind I'm going to pick up my movies before my head explodes!

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Sue said...

You should be lucky you weren't trying to return a movie at 8:55 and had her in front of you.......