Saturday, March 21, 2009

Update on the Crazy Mom

At this week's art class, as per the aforementioned e-mailed schedule from the Crazy Mom, Crazy Mom and two of her three tots (Bingo and Thing 1) joined in for a "make-up" class. In class we were making rocket ships and as Miss B. and I painted a recycled water bottle to make it look like a space shuttle I noticed that the younger of Crazy Mom's daughters, Bingo (who is 2), was wearing a seafoam green zip-up fleece footed pajama suit.

I thought to myself, "hmpf. that's odd. she's got on jammies..." but then I thought, "well, I remember someone saying they only dressed their child in old clothes for art class, so maybe she's using it as a smock??"

Then, a few minutes later another mom started doing the ye old sniff test because she could tell that someone had a diaper that needed changing. Turns out it was Bingo (the one in the PJs)... then I hear Crazy Mom say something to the effect of how the diaper is going to be a full one because it's the first diaper to be changed... and in hearing what she said, and noticing again the PJs, it made me think... wait a minute... have you not changed her diaper yet since she woke UP??

Then Crazy Mom proceeded to change her daughter on the floor in the art room in front of everybody (note, I wouldn't have thought this was a big issue if there a) hadn't been a changing facility at Gymboree 50 feet from where we were or b) if we were at someone's house and she asked if it was okay-- but honestly, I felt bad for the art teacher who appears to be a 17 year old girl who really seemed dismayed that there was a naked toddler butt on the floor in the middle of the room *during class*.) Then, once this is all done I notice that Bingo is now wearing a new outfit. That's right, she's not in jammies any more. And we're still painting, so there goes the theory that she had on the fleece pj suit as a smock.

Yes, as best I can tell Crazy Mom is so "busy" that she got Bingo up from sleep, kept her diaper unchanged and in PJs all the way from where they live three towns over just to get to art class on time. FYI: Sometimes it's okay to get to art class late.

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