Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So, today's Gymboree was relatively uneventful. Hippie Mom actualy admonished her child for having her finger up her nose to the second knuckle (win one for personal hygiene!) and Crazy Mom kept her daughter's pants on and everyone was dressed in outside clothes, rather than jammies.

That being said, there were at least two little girls with the equivalent of hacking smokers' coughs. Just a reminder to Moms out there... Gymboree does have a "generous" make-up policy, so please, if you or your tot is exhibiting some sort of typhoid, stay home! I found it a bit ironic that after class, one of the sick kids' nanny's kept covering the child's mouth when she would cough.... mind you, her mother (who accompanied the child in class while Nanny sat outside and waited) didn't bother to do that. Oh, well! And, I was a bit surprised to see this set up at all given that we're in the 'burbs... it seemed so "Manhattan" to have a Nanny waiting while the mom and tot attend class.... so much for Recession Chic.

Now, the big excitement comes tomorrow... we're having a Gymboree meet-up at a local children friendly restaurant. I'm sure there will be stories to tell, that is, if I can be pulled away from the Skee-Ball! :)

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Ellen said...

Looking forward to those stories. Maybe Crazy Mom will change diapers on the table - won't that be special?